Short (1 min) Video: A Swiss Perspective on the Surveillance Craze

(This page is also available in German.)

As human communications are increasingly mediated by digital communication technologies, it is quite understandable the law enforcement agencies desire increasing capabilities for surveillance of such communications, such as those foreseen by the revised Swiss surveillance law BÜPF.

However even seemingly unproblematic communications metadata such as the “who communicates with whom” information that is subject to obligatory six months of data retention can be combined with other information to paint a detailed picture of someone's movements and communications.

In the short story that the below video clip (1 min, Swiss German, captions available in German, French and English) tells, this digital surveillance is represented symbolically by video surveillance about which most people have a much better emotional and intuitive understanding. The main topic of the video however is the mindset of broad surveillance.

Video credits.

Information on supporting the referendum against the surveillance law BÜPF is available at stopbü

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